Join us for a photo orienteering game "Discover Europe in Riga!" on 14-15 September 2018

Ievietots: 14. Septembris, 2018
photo orienteering game "Discover Europe in Riga!"

Take photos, solve puzzles and learn more about EU related places and objects in Riga!



1.      Time and location

The game will take place from 10.00 on September 14, 2018 (Friday) until 14.00 on September 15, 2018 (Saturday). Event location: in and around Old Riga. Conclusion of the game will take place in the European Union House at Aspazijas bulv. 28, Riga.


2.      Game organizer

EU House, Aspazijas bulv. 28, Riga, phone +371 67085445, e-mail:


3.      Objective of the game

Encourage to look for information on the EU and its member states by taking the participants to interesting EU related places in the centre of Riga using clues and questions.


4.      Participants

4.1.      You can participate in the Discover Europe in Riga game individually or in  pairs (2 participants together).

4.2.      There is no age limit for the participants.


5.      Course of the game

5.1.      You will be able to download and print the game task sheets from or get them as printouts at the EU House starting from 10.00 on September 14.

5.2.      If you print your task sheets from you do not have to come to the EU House before the game. 

5.3.      You have time until 14.00 on September 15 to complete all the tasks and there is neither timekeeping at the control points nor time marking at the finish of the game.

5.4.      At the conclusion of the game you have to show up at the EU House in person to hand in the completed task sheets and demonstrate the photos taken in your phone, tablet or digital camera to the EU House staff. EU House opening times: 10.00-20.30 on September 14 and 10.00-14.00 on September 15.

5.5.      The EU House staff will register the completed task sheets at the conclusion of the game, check the photos taken in a phone, tablet or digital camera in the presence of the participants and give one point for each photo taken according to the rules described in Point 5.6.

5.6.      The photos have to be taken by a single smartphone, tablet or digital camera. Each photo has to show a control point and the same participant.

5.7.      The EU House staff will register if the bonus task is completed. Participants should show the social media post in their phone or tablet.

5.8.      If the participants arrive at the finish in the EU House after the time specified in Point 5.3, the result does not qualify for the game competition.


6.      Evaluation

6.1.      Participants who will have reached all control points and solved the erudition tasks will receive promotion prizes right after the finish at the EU House.

6.2.      The EU House will evaluate all the registered game task sheets and determine the game results by September 21.

6.3.      Participants get points for each control point successfully photographed and erudition task solved correctly. One bonus point will be given if the social media task is completed accordingly.

6.4.      There will be a draw for five sets of prizes among all the participants having obtained the largest number of points (bookstore gift cards and souvenirs from the EU House).

6.5.      The names of five winners of prize sets will be published on on September 21. The organizers will personally contact all the winners.

6.6.      The correct answers for the control points and erudition tasks of the game will be published at on September 21.


7.      Other points

7.1.      Participation in the game is free of charge.

7.2.      The participants need the task sheets (See Point 5.1), writing tools (e.g. pens) and a charged smartphone, tablet (with a camera) or digital camera. The EU House denies all responsibility for any devices that could turn out to be technically unsuitable for the game.

7.3.      The participants must specify correct contact details on the task sheets: phone number and e-mail address. The EU House must ensure the confidentiality of the personal data and prevent them from illegally falling in the hands of any third party.

7.4.      By participating in the game, the participants accept all the rules of the game and take responsibility for their actions during the game.

7.5.      The organizers may change the rules, in which case the changes will be published at