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The 'Reflections on Europe' Lecture Series
ES māja 
, 2018. gada, 08.maijs, 2018

This spring, the French Institute in Latvia offers a series of lectures 'Reflections on Europe' in cooperation with the EU House in Riga. The creators of the series from École normale supérieure in Paris wish to look at Europe beyond its administrative and bureaucratic procedures, and have called on internationally recognised French experts in a wide range of areas to express their views on the future of Europe.

The second lecture in the series will be dedicated to economic matters, and the lecturer will be the well-known French economist Thomas Piketty, whose book Capital in the Twenty-First Century has also been translated into Latvian.

Thomas Piketty was recognised as the best young economist in France in 2002, and the Foreign Policy magazine included him on their list of a hundred most influential intellectuals of the world in 2012. His studies on economic inequalities, the nature of capital and the distribution of wealth have led to a broad debate.

As a firm supporter of the European idea he engages in the discussion on the democratic mechanisms of the technical and opaque European institutions in order to convince Europe's citizens that Europe belongs to them.

The French Institute will retransmit this lecture as a videoconference on 10 May 2018 at 18:00 at the EU House in Riga.

Ms Baiba Šavriņa, Professor at Business, Management and Economics faculty of University of Latvia will follow the videoconference and comment on the topic.
After the lecture, the discussion will continue accompanied by a glass of wine.

The lecture will be held in English.

The third lecture in the series on 31 May will be dedicated to history and the lecturer will be Mr. Patrick Boucheron, a French historian.

Register at: info@institut-francais.lv

Further information: sandra.urtane@institut-francais.lv

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